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Popup from Repeating Group Not Loading Dynamic Content

I’ve been having a fantastic experience thus far, but now the Repeating Group is giving me some trouble.

I created a Popup which should display information about the Current Cell’s company name. I created a Workflow so the popup would open once the button in the Current Cell would be clicked. Testing this out in the Development Preview, it doesn’t work. Interestingly, this exact type of feature (repeating group with cell opening a popup with more information related to the current cell) is on the same page and it works beautifully. Don’t know why this doesn’t work.

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How are you setting the Group’s Company from the click action ?

Figured it out. ‘Display data’ under Element Actions did it.


Good stuff :slightly_smiling:

Your app looks wonderfully designed.

Much appreciated. (UI/UX designer turned developer, thanks to Bubble)

Aha, you are very lucky having those skills.

If you do have a moment, your input on this discussion would be most interesting …

I am most definitely not a designer, so I was thinking how best I could utilise their services to help me build things that look good. I can do fast, but I can’t do pretty :)blush: