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Invisible elements in repeating group

Hi, I have a popup with text fields showing data and a repeating group that should show a list. However, any elements I put inside the repeating group are invisible. I’ve tried setting conditions to force them to be visible but they remain hidden.

I’d be grateful for any ideas on how to solve this.

hi martyncroft, could I ask you to post a screenshot of your repeating group and items inside it such as the text field showing the text?

Some troubleshooting ideas:
Something is not actually inside it. Right click the element to see its parent elements or check the elements tree on the left to make sure.
In preview mode, click inspect bottom right to check the element and its conditions.


Hi Julius,

here’s a set of screenshots, hopefully in logical order…

There are two data fields in the repeating group at the moment, namely TransactionDate and Transaction Amount. Their parent is the repeating group and the parent of the repeating group is the popup. Fields in the popup outside the repeating group e.g. AccountName display fine, and you can see from the debug window that the fields in the repeating group contain the correct data but are marked (invisible) even though they are marked visible in editor.

regards, Martyn

Hi, thank you for this.

Do not see anything wrong at first glance. I honestly do not know how used to bubble you are.

When you open the popup do you send over data to the popup using the element action “Display data” in popup, or it looks like you change the URL to send data that is received in the popup?

And the repeating groups data source is popups X`s list of transactions?

Another idea: maybe data you inputted is only on live and not the demo version?

Probably best if you send me a pm with a link to your editor (Under settings then general you can make your editor view only for me or edit only, how you prefer)

I have troubleshooted many bubble apps.

Hi, I’ve sent you a message with the details. I’ve looked at your suggestions but no luck. The data comes from the Plaid plugin and data is being retrieved so it’s displaying it that’s the problem.


Was there ever any resolution on this? I’m having the same issue.