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Showing a popup from a reusable header element issue (Solved)

I am having an issue between two popup groups on a reusable header element.

When I click on a sign up button in a popup situated in the reusable header element, it creates a workflow to open up the users dashboard page and show a different popup in the same reusable header element.

Sign up button - Sign User Up - Reset Input - Hide Element - Navigate To Page - Show Element

However the last popup in the workflow does not show once the underlying page has loaded. It seems to be from testing that it shows while page is loading and once page has loaded it hides the popup.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Difficult to say without a link to the editor. It might be a bug, it might be something else.

You should see an issue on the issue checker. A change page action should always be the last action of a workflow. Let us know if you don’t see an issue, then it’s where the bug is.

Thanks Raymond and Emmanuel,

Here is the link to an example below:

Emmanuel I also tried to change the action order however the popup would load before the page was even open and once open it was closed.

Thanks for the clarification Vega.Andrew.

Do you know what the possible work around would be to have the popup show only when the user signs up and accesses the page for the first time?


I’ve done this by adding a field on the User called “firstTimeLogin” and set it as a “Yes/No.” I default it to Yes. When the user lands on that page, the popup shows when the page is loaded and firstTimeLogin is Yes.


Thanks Potentialthings,
I shall give it a try and revert back.

Thanks everyone. Potentialthings advice worked.

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