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I am trying to have a pop up that displays data from a repeating group but accessed on different pages.

I have a pop up that displays the data from a repeating group, however i want this pop up that displays information to be accessible on a seperate page when i click an icon on a map.There are multiple icons on the map that i want to be able to see additional info.

I have tried creating a the pop up as a reuseable element and then having a workflow of when map icon is clicked the re-useable element is shown, however this just presents a blank pop up none of the data has come across.

Is it possible to have this data across different pages on pop ups?
Do i need to rebuild the popup on the new page or is it better to display the information pop up as a page?

Any solutions or help would be appreciated

Did you set the reusable popup’s data source?

I created the reusable element and the below is what transfered over:

This is as it is on the original popup. If i right click and edit the main group atheya re all in i get these options which are the same as what the original pop up is in:

Site information is the data type with all inputs as fields e.g. site Id, End date etc

Apologies i get these options when i right click on the main group but when selected as shown below i get an error message:


Yes, that’s expected. The reusable instance must reference data of type Site Information elsewhere on the page. The idea is that you must pass the relevant data into the reusable. In your case, it would presumably be Map’s current marker or Map’s current marker’s site or some such, depending on how you structured your data.

Sorry to keep asking with this.
My map is set up as below:

I then have a workflow when map A marker is clicked show site details (Reusable element).
Within the re-usable element i cannot find any relation to map A within the data source for the reusable element

Set Type of markers to Site Information and the Data source to simply Search for Site Informations, and the rest should become obvious.

Sorry for that terse reply, but I had to run out and push some snow. Anyway, here’s a real estate example, which is very similar to your scenario…

In this example, Property is analogous to your Site Information and Location is an address field within the Property data type (and is analogous to your Site Address field.

The reusable popup is on the same page as the map. Then, when you show the popup in response to a marker click, you’ll have access to the Site Information associated with the current marker.

Hope that helps.

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I have been playing around with this all afternoon. And could not work it out. Just read your response and it took 2 minutes. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help

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