Popups Not Displaying

Hi everyone,

Has anyone else experienced popups not displaying? Tested on Chrome and Safari.

Essentially this behaviour is sporadic and reported across multiple apps (ie. not one of my apps specifically).

Doesn’t seem to be just my computer as clients/users have reported the behaviour. Hard to provide steps to reproduce.

The popup and its elements is there as when I hover over the approx area of the popup it detects the button elements in my popup and I can click them and run a workflow, but the actual popup element itself is not visible, only the greyout background.

Any ideas?

Flagging to @emmanuel @josh as well to please investigate.

No settings are causing this in my bubble app either.

Example below of triggered popup with greyout, but not popup visible



Curious to know if that ‘bug’ disappear or has been fixed? What was the cause?

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Still happening.

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No change here unfortunately

I’m guessing this probably isn’t the cause, but thought I’d mention it just to rule it out: adblockers can sometimes block popups, and it can be sporadic based on what blocklists you’re subscribing to.

If a public list is updated with a filter that affects Bubble popups, I guess that could affect several users at once.

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Have you tried running without 3rd party plugins?

As well, shot in the dark, but try doing a “bring to front” action on the popup and see if that makes any difference.

It’s only sporadic. I have just had another two popups tied to the same workflow go down. Same issue, can’t figure out why. Not a local issue (have done standard cache clearance, restart, other browser etc).

Tried creating a new workflow, using toggle, show and animation all have the same issue.

@neerja any idea?

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@help there can be many factors leading to an issue so the best approach is to submit a bug report and share an estimate of how many tests in which browser/app version/workflow produces the bug. We are happy to test multiple times to capture this bug.

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