Populating a page based on passed URL parameter

Hi all, I just started using Bubble and love it, but am having some trouble populating a page based on the data I passed in the URL.

I’m creating a mock Airbnb following Zeroqode’s tutorial "Marketplace like Airbnb.

I’m trying to populate a page based on the Listing’s ID that I pass in the URL.

  1. I pass the URL successfully using Blockspring. See the URL on the screenshot for the correctly passed ID. Each Listing has a unique ID tied to it in the database that’s associated with Listing Name and Price.

  1. However, when I select a Listing, the page does not populate. This is how I am trying to read the URL:

Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?

Thank you x100000 in advance :slight_smile:

Why are you using extenal url?
You should:
Set the data type of room page to “listing”
Use workflow: Navigate to page, you will be invited to fill the data: Use Current cell listing
That’s all!

This will reduce the complexity of your app and make it faster (because doing a search take more time.)

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