Popup after 1 min a user is logged in

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how can I make a popup after a users is logged in let’s say 30 seconds.


Hi Alexander,

You want to show a popup 30 seconds after the user logs in, right?

I will assume that you already created the Popup, so lets focus on the workflow.

On the workflow where you login the user, you just need to add 2 more actions:

1st - “Add a pause before next action” and set 30.000ms
2sd - “Show an element” —> select the popup you want to appear

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there is however the case that the user reload the page so he do not pass from login. How to handle this case?

In that case, you can create a workflow “When page is loaded”, and the actions are gonna be those I told you before.

But I would use some kind of conditional in order to prevent the popup being always appering to the user everytime he gets in your app/website (unless that it what you pretend).

For that you can create for example on User DB a field like “Show Popup” with a field yes/no, and then on this workflow you can create this conditional “When current user’ Show Popup is no”.

On the workflow itself you need to create an extra action, “make changes to current user” select the field “Show Popup = yes”.

Like this you prevent that the popup is always being shown everytime the user gets on your project.

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Thanks! Solved.