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(solved)How to hide the signup/login popup after login?

Howdy folks,

Confused with this part.

There is a certian page that I want only logged in users to access.

I have the workflow as: “If the page is loaded and the user is not logged then show signup/login popup”

Now it shows the pop up, but after I login in. The popup remains on the page. I have to refresh the page in order to get of the popup.

I also have this popup cannot be closed with esc key ticked. Not sure if that is interfering. Previously without that checkmark. I could just escape and access the page.

I am sure I am not doing something right here.

Thanks in advance for your kind help.


Are you hiding the popup after the user logs in? That should be the next step in your workflow. Take a look at the “hide” command in “Element Actions”.

I thought that would be the logical step. Didnt work. The page showed the popup and then hid the popup and then again refreshed the page and showed me the pop up. It felt as if it was in a loop.

Now I settled for login via social network. Will work on this later actually. Thanks for your advice Nate

I would recommend reproducing it here, so that the community can take a look and help you solve it:

Here you go

Doing the same thing

Eh, this is sort of tough to explain, so let me know if I lose you.

Just took a quick look. Are you using the popup as a reusable element in your app too? If so, that should be the issue. Reusable elements basically work as separate pages that you can drop onto other pages. So, if you look at the popup(s) on your login page, you’ll see that they are named Signup/Login A and B. Because of this, your “hide” workflow won’t work because it isn’t referencing the correct object. “Signup/Login” doesn’t exist on that page, just A and B.

You’ve got two options here to make it work:

  1. You can have a workflow that does “When User is logged in… hide popup A/B”

  2. Just use a normal popup that isn’t in a reusable element. (Do you really need it to be reusable? How many login popups do you need?)

Hope this helps!


Just to add to what nate doggy-dogg said -

  • maybe you could add a “If the page is loaded and the user is logged then hide signup/login popup”

That could ensure that no matter what happens, the popup will be hidden when the page reloads.

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Sounds like a plan. Will try this

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