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I’m using a popup to display meal details : picture + recipe. The popup can display different a specific meal when the user clic on a repeating group cell.

I have 2 issues with my pop-up :

  • When I open the popup, scroll and close it. The scrolll is kept in memory when opening a second meal, I would like to have it reset (or scrolled to top). Is there any way to do this ?
  • When the popup is hiden I reset the group data and display new data on opening of a new meal. But there is still a short moment when I see the previous text before loading the new one causing a weir behavior on the screen. Is there any way to avoid this ?

Thanks for your help !


It seems you have a repeating group set to exit vertical scroll in your popup.

Consider changing the rg to another setting like full list (it would seem that the results in a popup might just be very few right?)

Also, consider always emptying the popup first with an empty display action and immediately after a second display action with the actual data. It is a better practice to front load actions.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

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Good point @cmarchan regarding the empty display. I also often have little issues with pop-ups, keeping data in mind, but I never thank about an empty display. What I do is to resort the pop-up than reset all “data” group within this pop-up, a bit unproductive. I’m going to send empty states now.

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