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Popup buttons - copy and paste, and not appearing in element list [resolved] UNDERSTANDING DATA issue

I have created a popup button in order to add a field to a drop down list. This works fine.

Now I want to create an identical design button, and change all the workflows so that it adds a field to another drop down list.

All working fine, both the popup elements are visible in the reusable elements, but when I go to change the workflow, and edit the actual element, it is not showing up in the dropdown to choose from.

I’d be grateful if you could also point me to information on how to copy and paste elements, and change the workflows efficiently.


It’s a bit hard to help without more context. Can you paste a screenshot with the issue?

To copy paste elements, you have 3 ways. Top bar menu, right click menu, or CTRL/CMD + C,V,X. These are fairly standards shortcuts.

So, I am trying to replicate the group containing one dropdown, an add button and a popup, which adds a new thing to the list. I’m not sure if there is a quick way of copying and pasting (obviously I can cut and paste the bits, but the workflow comes too, and so I have to make sure that I change the workflow carefully… not a problem, but time consuming)

But, the Reuseable Element “PopUpSeries” does not appear in the Workflow Show Element, where I would expect it to be next to PopUp Medium A"

Got it now… I didn’t put the new reusable element on the actual page!!

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And I just realised the workflow changes the names of everything to the name of the new copy of the PopUp. Which is BRILLIANT. (Except when you haven’t created specific fields, and that’s why it doesn’t work!!)

So, while I was swimming, I just realised I need to know much more about my own data structure. I have created it mostly by copying ideas from the tutorials. But I could do with being able to add new fields, lists and things in the data end, so that when I DO copy and paste reusable elements, the data is ready and waiting. How do you go about doing this?

You can add new fields, etc in the data tab of the editor.