Popup display order

I have 17 data types to maintain. I created a popup to maintain A. Then I created a standard help popup to describe the CRUD options and other info for all 17 data types. When I click Help on popup A, the help popup displays on top of popup A. Then I created a popup to maintain B. It also shows the standard help popup when the Help button is clicked. But, the help popup is behind popup B so it is not visible. What do I need to specify to ensure the latest “show popup” action is always on top?

Follow up to original post
I created popup F and changed the workflow on popup B to show it instead of help. Popup F shows on top. I think the popup with the latest creation date is shown on top. Can anyone confirm that?

Thanks for any help.


Did you ever figure this out? I’m currently working with the same problem of trying to show multiple popups and I’m having trouble with the order not always being what would “make sense” from the user’s perspective. How can I make it so the most recently opened popup is the one on top?