Popup 2 hiding under Popup 1

I have a few popups. Popup 1 has a button i.e ‘delete’ that opens popup 2(confirm) . How do I control that popup 2 opens above popup 1 visually while still keeping popup 1 open?


I had to hide popup1, then reshow it when popup2 goes away. I couldn’t find a way to keep popup2 on top of popup1, but I admittedly only worked on it for about 5 minutes before giving up and going this route.

@potentialthings Yeah I thought of the work around, but on another of my pages it works as I’d like, with popup 2 opening above popup 1. So I was wondering if there was a way to command it every time.

Solved - I simply ‘copy with workflows’ the popup 2 and ‘pasted with workflows’ on main page. Then redirected popup1 delete button to open new popup 3. It worked for whatever reason. (Maybe because it’s the newest popup that shows above everything else?) Now popup 1 delete button opens popup 3 confirmation above popup 1. Great!

Maybe there is some logic behind it that I don’t know about but it’s a simple enough solution. Just copy paste. :slight_smile:

Or give popup z-index to something like 999999, it will always show above other popup
add this code to page html header:

#id-attribute { z-index: 9999999 !important; }
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