POPUP displaying between page and reusable element

(see below updates)

Just after making a backup, clean and optimize the app and wipe database history, popup inside a reusable element appear behind the reusable element. I tried to erase and create a new one. I created an example to see if I can repeat the behavior… without success. Convert popup to group, it work.

Any thoughs?

This unused thing always appeared (missing name) :

The behavior appear only in my home page, not on other pages. Strangely the page I was on during maintenance and backup process. 6:56pm

  • maybe conflicting with a new plugin?

update (June 10)
There’s a ghost User empty data appearing each time I copy the database to another app or to Live.

I see a similar thing in my app. Unused reusable element - missing name. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out what/which element this is. I also don’t know at what point that was introduced as well. I understand my reply won’t help with identifying the cause of the issue or what impact it has, but I just wanted to highlight that I am also observing this.

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Just found out there’s also an empty ghost… empty User (dated Jan2019)

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