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Popup link back to popup?

Button on Popup 1 hides Popup 1 and shows Popup 2.
Button on Popup 2 hides Popup 2 and shows Popup 1.
That works.
What if there are several Popups 1a, 1b, 1c, and Popup 2 is shared.
Is there a way for Popup 2 to know which Popup 1 called it so it knows which one to re-show?

Hi @mybuying

Instead of using actions show and hide, you can use the action set a state.
1.As the type of state select a number.
2.If the states number is 1, show Popup 1a, if the states number is 2, show Popup 1b etc.
3. For popup 2 you may want an easy yes/no state to show or hide it.

The question for you becomes, when do you set these states (setting states is an action you can do if a button is clicked or a popup is opened.

Handy information to make popups and states work:
To make popups show when particular states are true:
a)Create a new event in the workflow section; do when condition is true (where to do this - see screenshot
b) When element Xs state is 1, show popup 1a, hide popup 2.
c) Make sure this workflow is set to run every time instead of just once.
d) You may also need a button to reset the number state to empty.

Happy bubbling. Let me know if you need more help.
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