Popup should show when mouse is click anywhere on the page

Hi Guys,

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I have created a page, when anyone comes on the page and clicks anywhere on the page the popup should appear.

Link page is - https://automation.web-stepup.com/version-test/seo_scoping?debug_mode=true
Popup Image -

Right now, I have created a button for the popup but I want someone clicks anywhere on the page the popup should appear.

Please let me know if anybody has a solution. Thanks in advance.
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Hi wsu.app18

Just made 3 super short videos for this for you showing the options, as this sometimes comes up. I favour option 3. Hope this helps.

Feel free to pm me if you need further help.



I have tried all the three methods of yours, I guess you didn’t seen my page which I have created.
I have made the master group and given the workflow to it as per your first method, but I have multiples radio buttons which can be accessible after the workflow also, 2nd and 3rd method of yours, I have tried but it getting same result, radio button is accessible.
If someone clicks on radio buttons or clicks anywhere on the page…popup should appear (popup is nothing but a user sign up details)

Thanks in advance

hi wsu.app.

One small CAVE, that I did not cover in the video.

Various workflows, like “Do when condition is true” as their standard setting, if you click it, show “Run this” : only once. Meaning it will work only once, not always.
(See video nr 3 time stamp 00:55)
Change this do “Every time”.

In case this does not solve the problem, just send me a pm.

Hi Tiplister,

Thanks for the feedback, but please check my second reply above.
The condition doesn’t work on radio buttons

oh, i misunderstood how you meant that, sorry.
Have you tried putting a few invisible groups with a workflow that opens the popup/changes a state to open a popup right in front of the radio button selections as in my 1st video?


Sorry for the delay in responding but I got the solution.
I have added the workflow for the radio - when a input value change and if the current user isn’t logged in then popup should appear.

Thanks for the help