Popup width isn't respected

How do you give a popup a width? Mine is always 100% no matter what I do.

It’s a reusable element in responsive mode.

I realize I could set the width on the page where I include the element, but I want the style to be consistent across all pages and if I change the width I don’t want to have to go find every single instance of it and update the width.

There are 2 width definitions when it comes to Reusable Elements

One is when you define it within the Reusable Element itself - via it’s dedicated page.
The second is when you define it on the Reusable Element that you add to another page. Here the parent page’s properties can affect it’s behaviour.

Ideally, if you set a max width on the Reusable from within the Reusable’s internal properties (dedicated page) it should respect that on the page you insert it in. If not, you could set a max width on the Reusable element that appears on the editor after inserting it on the page.

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Ranjit / Atomic Fusion

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Haha yes, that is also my ideal. Are you saying that is just what you wish would happen or is that what should happen and I’m doing something wrong?

I see it working this way, but the whole point of a reusable is that it’s reusable without needing to make individual changes on every page that it’s included in.

I agree
Bubble has it’s quirks though :smiley:

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