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Reusable element width / no options


I m trying to work on responsiveness of a reusable element but i get an error message:
The page xxx is set to fixed width…

I can t see an option to disable fixed width. Any suggestion?
Link to editor:


Hey Claudiu :slight_smile: I think this is a bug. I just looked through your app and tried to recreate the situation. I created a new page, and drew a new popup. I checked the popup to be fixed-width, then I converted that popup to a reusable element. I am guessing that if an element is converted to a reusable element and it’s set to fixed-width, even if you un-check fixed-width on the original element, it does not change the fixed-width setting on the reusable element and there isn’t an option to uncheck it, as you said.

One workaround for now would be to create a new popup on a new page and make sure fixed-width is unchecked. Then paste everything from the old popup, convert it to a reusable popup and it should allow you edit the responsive settings.

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Just fixed that, was because you used a popup as a base for the reusable element.


thank you

Hi Emmanuel
I m in this situation again. How can i do this myself?


We need to do that on our end, so please file a bug report and we’ll do it for you.