Portrait ziggeo player

I am using Ziggeos new player and I want the player to be 480 x 640 proportions and display as portrait not landscape. I setup a video profile in Ziggeo and the video showing in bubble is indeed the correct size and proportions when I inspect it in chrome, however bubble is inserting some kind of dynamic wrapper that cuts off the video to a landscape orientation. See screenshot below:

The element in question is div class “bubble-element 1511882017897x600944310817652700-AAK” which is defining the height of the element to 129. I have set the height of the player in Bubble to be 229px and the video profile is set to portrait.

When I inspect the issue in chrome I can manually change the height of the mystery bubble wrapper to 229 and it shows that the video is the correct proportions:

Can anyone help me out with this?


I am Bane from Ziggeo. Right away let me mentioned that since the issue seems to come from Bubble I might not be able to help you however I do want to check with you if you are using any of the plugins that are available or if you are adding the code into the pages directly by yourself?

If the new plugin is used then some people might be able to help, if not, the plugin might be something you could try and see if they worked around the issue. In either way it will help us know more about your case.

This is the page to the forum post about the new plugin: 🎥 Better Advanced Ziggeo Plugin released! 🤩


Thanks Bane,

I’m using the new Ziggeo plugin. It looks like Bubble is placing an additional wrapper around the video that is the default 480 x 640 landscape proportions.

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