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Bubble really needs to update the layout model.

It is totally unacceptable in 2020 to be absolutely positioning everything on the page. Everything the industry has worked for over the last 30 years of web development is being completely undone. This is barely better than Geocities and Dreamweaver circa 1998.

Pages are hardly responsive, and that is 100% unacceptable.

Bubble really excels with the workflow/API builder. But the designer is poor. I should be able to choose which method I use to build up my page. We are also being severely limited by having to position everything by hand – flexbox allows us to automatically horizontally and vertically align items within a container, regardless of how many there are, as well as space them evenly regardless of their width and height. I need content to move based on the height and width of other elements on the page – this is built right in to basic HTML and has been since day 1 (the 90s). HTML by default is responsive, so I’m not sure why Bubble has gone to such great lengths to undo that.

Furthermore, please unlock ALL CSS attributes for all elements. There’s so much missing, I have to create a custom stylesheet to override and control what I need in order to make a professional app.

I believe Bubble has a lot of power and is helping to lead the no-code movement, but there’s still a lot of room improvement, especially when looking at the other design-focused alternatives.


I’m with you on this. I have been seing topics talking about the same stuff with 4 years and no response from the dev team. It’s a great tool for create functionality but it’s TERRIBLE to design things.

Things like auto-width text, 100% width on elements or even the most basic flexbox stuff… this tool DESERVES it.


They’re rethinking and redesigning the responsive engine already.
I agree with you, we could have the option to just flexbox it away and get on with our lives.

I give it a discount since Bubble is literally the first and also the one pushing barriers, so all mistakes are upon them to be made, other nocode tools I track are learning from them and not making many of these mistakes already.

Even with this, to me Bubble still is and will remain the champion for years, since they fix a lot of things and are constantly improving.

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