Help with layout needed: defining bottom limit

Hello, I have a page with a repeating group and a button beneath it.
When the repeating group is empty, the button is somewhere at the top of the page. But, when entries populate the repeating group, it expands and the button should move downward.
When there are too many items in the repeating group to display, the repeating group has its max height and an inner scrollbar appears. The button should then be at its lowest point on the page.

However, I don’t know how to point Bubble to the bottom of the page. Right now, the repeating group keeps expanding. The button is not visible on the screen anymore, until I scroll down.

The repeating group and button are in a group. I have set this to: no fixed height and min 100%, max 100%. Should I use fixed height? The problem is that I don’t know what resolution the user will be using.

You need to move your button outside of the group containing the RG.

Give that group a fixed height, and put the button below it.

Ok Thanks, I will do that.