Positive "discrimiateive" pricing for developing countries


I hope all are you fine. Here is my proposal/question.

Why does Bubble not provide a lower pricing for creators coming from certain geographies where 100 USD means much than it does in US , Europe , Australia etc?

Many companies do this already. Spotify, Youtube Plus , Microsoft etc have different pricing in developing countries. I think their lower prices are not because they want to do good but they know Western prices will push people out or promote software piracy.

What are your thoughts?

PS: The idea of the post is NOT to a get discount for my own use. (I live Europe)

Edit: It might even be a discount for limited duration (For the first X months)

I think is a good idea.

I live in Mexico and 100 dollars means a lot of money :slight_smile: :computer:

I guess because everyone would start taking advantage of that by using VPNs, people are greedy.


Can I flip the discussion around for a moment: What is holding anyone back from selling their software to wealthier countries? If there’s such a difference in the economies, surely a dollar earned there is worth more?

Is that an arrogant privileged stance to take? Either something makes financial sense or it doesn’t. I earn a happy living with my software but that doesn’t mean I can afford everything for my business. I was researching office space for rent recently because my team is growing, but I had to decline a space I really liked because the cost was just too high. However, I am sure there is another business that will snap that space up because the financials make sense for them. It’s all relative :man_shrugging:

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