How about pay Bubble in other currencies?

I’m brazilian and we have a weak currency, compared to US Dollar – which means we pay 5 or 6 times more the tag price and don’t have any stable value each month, as we rely on the exchange rate fluctuation (and it’s been fluctuating like a little boat on a storm!).

I saw how othe brazilian developers, argentines brothers and other South Americans have manifested their opinion about this subject on the topic of the Changes of the free plan.

I really wish Bubble could make it seriously international company, so we, the community, can keep putting all our efforts on building on it, so everyone can benefit from it in the long run. I really don’t know all the obstacles that the bill’s payers at Bubble suffer every day, but I do know that some companies manage to have different price tags for each country/currency.

As an example, here’s what happens with GoDaddy:

They have a price for each country that’s way more fair than the actual conversion of the american base price, so it makes more viable for each country user to pay for their services.

Obviously I’m not saying this is a easy move, probably (certainly) there’s a ton of legal stuff involved, but it would be great to hear from Bubble that they are seriously thinking of make this move as their community grows.

Does it make sense to other non-us-dollar-money-makers?


I agree. they really need to add something like that. It could grow the company. Knowing that they can use their currency. It can be hard to pay in that currency. I Would think this should be a need for this website.

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Portuguese Translation~~ Eu concordo. eles realmente precisam adicionar algo assim. Isso poderia fazer a empresa crescer. Saber que eles podem usar sua moeda. Pode ser difícil pagar nessa moeda. Eu acho que isso deveria ser uma necessidade para este site.

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