Possible to display multiple fields in Searchbox choices? (Just display - not search - multiple fields)

When using the Searchbox and giving users a dynamic list to choose from, is there a way to include a 2nd field in the choices display to help them make the right choice?

For example, when choosing a list of schools, there may be 20 “Lincoln High School” records in my database. If I could show the City along with the Name, that would allow them to choose the right one. Otherwise, there’s no way.


Checkout the Search & Autocorrect plugin as this allows you to search multiple fields but also customise the results so you could show Lincoln High School and City. Stick the results of the search in a repeating group



Thanks for that. Seems like it could be a possibility if I’m ever willing to build out the repeating group. For now, I’ve just created a new database field called “Name (City)” that gets updated whenever the school name and/or city is created/updated.

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