Possible to show popup in workflow AFTER form validation but PRIOR to saving to database?

Hi everyone - I have a simple page with form elements and a submit button.

I also have a popup that shows a “Please wait” message and animation upon clicking submit.

The challenge I’m having is that this popup will not show up UNTIL after my database item creation workflow step is complete, even though the “show popup” action is first.

This wouldn’t be bad if the database items saved super quickly (a couple hundred milliseconds) … but the duration of time between clicking Submit and seeing the popup seems excessive (1-2 seconds to save a small database entry), and the progress bar at the top of the page is insufficient for me to demonstrate that things are being processed.

In case you’re wondering, my workflow does have additional steps AFTER the database save, which is why I want to display a “loading” popup.

The only workaround I’ve found is to move the database save into a custom workflow and fire that from the Submit button click workflow – but that’s a no go, because the form validation (required fields) logic is then sidestepped.

So my ideal solution is to allow form validation upon clicking Submit, display the popup if validation is successful (all fields filled in), and then save to the database while the popup is already visible.

Any ideas?

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