Possible to use Bubble's Table element to input data?

If I have the table below, when the user enters in data and clicks “Save” is it possible to store that in the database?

When I go to the workflow, I don’t see anything for any of the inputs. My assumption would be that I could schedule an API workflow on a list using the Table as the list to run on but the only options I get are width and height?

No it’s like a RG where you can’t reference any of the elements inside the cells.

Thanks for the response @tylerboodman. That is quite a bummer. If the data source of the table or RG was from a bubble type, would that make it possible?

Any other work arounds or possibilities to make something similar work?

To achieve what I was looking for, I had to change the table data source to be a data type and then enable auto-binding on each field I want to input into the database.

I was originally sourcing the data from an API and going to add it at the end once the user completed all of the fields, but that doesn’t seem possible.

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Yep I recommend this cause right now there’s no vanilla action for “Run a workflow inside each cell and tell me when they are all complete”

Hey @bubble43,

Would you mind sharing a couple of screen shares on how you did that? I’m trying to do the same but I can’t seem to figure out how to switch the table to data type and enabling auto biding.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mark10 , probably too late for you since you asked a couple months ago but incase anyone else sees, here’s a screenshot:

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Hi @bubble43 I got it. Thanks!