Updating thing with values from inside table

Hi there!

I’ve only been using Bubble for a few days and so far, it’s been a fantastic platform!

I’m trying to build an App that records entered times after a button has been clicked.

So far, I have a table with Names and an input box for times:

I’m stuck on the workflow part. I’ve created workflows not using a table to update records from input boxs. But when inside a table I can’t access the input value as I’d expect

Any help would be appreciated!

For a workflow to run on info which is in a cell, it needs to be run from that cell specifically.

So for this example you could have a button in each row there which can reference that rows input, but if you want to do it from outside you would need to use something like the Orchestra plugin but I think that is only on RGs, not tables yet?

Hope that makes sense?

Thanks Oliver, makes perfect sense! I was thinking that may be the case and I did look briefly into Orchestra.

I’ll revisit Orchestra.

Orchestra is a bit confusing at first, but it is super powerful and helpful for any manipulation of rg data, a great tool to add to your toolkit :slight_smile:

Thanks for encouraging me to revisit Orchestra, I was able to use
Orchestra Plugin 101 help - Need help - Bubble Forum

My example is working as expected now!

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