Post Data to External Rest Service

Appreciate the help.
I see most of the videos is saving data withing bubble and some videos on GET requests but not much on POST (sorry, I tried from past few days and struggle, may is something could be available)

I have a rest API that accepts json data in following format
“id”: 1,
“description”: <“Test Desc”>,
“userId”: {
“id”: 2,
“firstName”: <“AJ”>,
“lastName”: <“Dhillon”>
“taskTypeSo”: {
“id”: 6,
“name”: <“Pre Auth”>
“dueDate”: <“2018-05-04”>,
“subject”: <“Test Subject”>

I have few input fields in the form when I press submit the data should be taken the input fields and posted.
I created an API connector for this call and setup POST API, with above format.

In the workflow of the submit button, what should I do, should I select “create new thing” or “make change to existing thing”, “get data from external API”. I tried all that but I do not see the API I created in the plugin section listed when I try “Create New thing”, “Make changes to existing thing” etc.

The BMI calculator example is posting data but it’s using to get the result in the text box. I am looking for something that posts data. The API connector current UI does not match with the one shown in the training video of BMI calculator.

Thanks for your assistance,

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The initialize works fine, and the dynamic data substitution is also not private, this should give me access in bubble, I am not sure what should be done on button click action, should it be create new thing etc. I am not understanding, the POST also returns the status which I need to check to make sure the POST was done without errors.

Is this solved? I am looking for a way to submit form data to a third party url, and capture the response in bubble back again.

Is this doable and if someone has done it can share?