Storing list of user generated Places API data and displaying on a map

I’ve spent the last couple of days watching videos, reading forums, and troubleshooting myself - but still cannot seem to get it right.

I do have all of the plugins and APIs configured correctly, so I think all I need help with is understanding how to store a list of places, and how to correctly display those on a map.

I watched this: Building Map Apps (Map Component) with Bubble.IO | Tutorial for Beginners 2021 - YouTube but the list is one created on and seems to be a static, pre-defined list of places/addresses.

For my use case, I want a user to be able to search for say, 5 locations using the Google Places API - and then save each of those in a list. Then, when they “publish” those 5 locations will show up on a map that others can see.

Is this possible? Basically, how to enable users to create their own maps with their own locations plotted on the map.

Thanks so much! Hopefully this is just something simple I’m overlooking.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Unfortunately not.

  1. User inputs a list of places he/she cares about. I.e. Space Needle, Glass Museum, Pike Place Market
  2. All of those locations show up on a map
  3. That map is then shown on a page along with details of each location on the map
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