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Precise workflow related to number of users and export to 3rd party

I am new to Bubble and need more details to understand the meaning of workflow. How it connects with the number of users ? For example with 10 000 users and 1000 000 what kind of workflow should we expect ? Does it sending messages among users counts as workflows ? Or changing their profiles info ?
Additionally, exporting bubbles site I saw ti is possible, but where - on another platform, on our domain, on wordpress ?
Thanks !

A workflow run is the execution of a workflow, as defined in the workflow tab on your page. So if you have a workflow in your page that is ‘When the button send is clicked, send an email’, and if you press on it 3 times, it will count for three.

We only count workflows that require the server. In other words, workflows that are used to change page, show hide elements don’t count. What requires servers is usually data operations, payment, sending emails, posting to an external service, etc. So changing their profile, as it’s database related, would count, yes.

It’s hard to say how it relates to number of users. If you build a static website that shows your own content, you can probably have millions of users with very low workflow runs, because your site doesn’t do much. On the other hand, we’ve seen users that could have thousands of workflows per month with only 50 users, because they were doing a lot of data operations. One thing we’ve noticed though, is that the number of runs is always lower that you expect.

You can use your own domain that will point to your app. Exporting right now means being on the enterprise plan and running your own Bubble instance on your own servers, but that’s for very large clients. Wordpress, on the other hand, isn’t really something that can talk to Bubble (I am not sure I see what the use case would be there).

Hope this helps!

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