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Predictive Input

Hi, Do somebody know if there is a tool already existing to realize a predictive search inside your database like on google for example:

When I am using the search tool, I can show my database inputs:
But when I start typing the propositions desapear…

Is there any simple way which could allow me to create (this prediction?

Does bubble support it ?

Thank you in advance for your feedbacks :slight_smile:
Have a great day !


With the search tool it happens to me that at least I have to enter 4 letters, then propositions starts appearing. I don´t know why.

Also I haven´t found a solution yet.

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The only reason I could see they did that is possibly because of the time it would take to search the database for anything starting with just one letter. 4 letters allow the results to be more concentrated.

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You can homeroll your own predictive search using a repeating group (placed underneath the input) and a regular text input. If you set the repeating group to search for data containing the input…it will begin filtering from the first letter.

Lots of Bubblers have used this approach for various reasons.


Oh, sorry. How would that work?

I don´t really understand it.

Could explain a little bit.


The forum is full of examples. Here’s one:

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