Prepopulate list of things for new accounts

I’m working on the app for new employees’ onboarding and learning process. Technically it’s a checklist of tasks (with instructions, SOPs, etc.) that new employees have to complete during their 3-months trial period.

So here’s where I need your help: I want to create a checklist template so that once a new employee signs up and logs in to the account, the checklist (unchecked) will be already prepopulated on his dashboard.

Another feature I’d like to have is that if, for instance, I need to add/edit tasks in a list, I should be able to do this in Template, and all users’ copies of the checklist will be updated automatically.
The problem is that I can’t use the “Copy List of Things” feature because the checklist contains about 200 tasks.
What is another option to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, @Fujin… how familiar are you with recursive backend workflows? I ask because I would almost certainly do both of the things you described with those workflows.

For example, you might have a Task data type where you are storing a default set of tasks (maybe there is a field that marks a subset of the things in that data type as the default tasks that get created for each new user). When a new user signs up, you would use a recursive backend workflow to loop through the default tasks and create a corresponding thing for the user. Also, you would likely have a field that links the newly-created things back to their default things so you can change all of the associated things when one of the default things is edited.

Anyway, I could go on and on here, but again, I think it’s all about recursive backend workflows, and you should dig into that concept and head down that path if you haven’t already.

Hope this helps.


Thank you, @mikeloc for the direction. I’m a newbie here, so I’m not familiar with recursive backend workflows, but now I know where to dig in

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