Pre-made items for new users when sign-up

I am new to Bubble and trying to learn by trial and error, but got stuck on this one. Attached is an image that I hope can clarify the problem a bit better.

I want to create a webapp that when the user signs up, they are presented with a number of items on their dashboard. The user can click on all of these items and edit the content. The important thing here is that the items are already present when the user signs in,

  1. When a new user registers there should be list that they can start to fill in answers in.
  2. the user can click on any of the items in the list and personalise the information. Some of the information, f ex name or description of the item is not editable.
  3. The user saves the data and has unique answers for them, but can come back at a later time and change the information.

My goal is to create a lot of these types of lists that the user can answer. It’s gonna be a lot of information, maybe 5 different lists each including 5-10 pre-made items. Is it logical to have these items in a separate database and not the user database?
-If so, should I use repeating groups to show “item” database?
-How do I push the data to display in the app?

You could compare these “items” as tasks in a Project management system. These tasks exist when a new user registers and the new user can personalise them. Hope it makes sense. Otherwise, just let me know and I will explain more.

(I posted this in another topic “Premade repeating group for new users” but the question changed along the way. :sweat_smile:)

Thanks for your help!