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Prevent Drag n Drop

Is there a way to prevent a draggable item from being grabbed? For instance I want to prevent child items in a list from being reordered via drag n drop; however items at the same level can be dragged and reordered via drop. Thanks.

I don’t think there is anyway to lock an element, like you could a layer or element in photoshop or whatever.

However, I have been realllly wanting this feature as of late.

We’ll add an option to do this that can be controlled in the conditional tab.


awesome, cheers!

I see this was added. Looks like it has some unintended side affects. I have a multiline edit sitting on a draggable group and now it’s no longer editable. I submitted a bug report for it. Thanks…dh

Any update on the bug report in regards to this?

After further testing, it appears that you can only edit when right clicking in the multiline edit. left clicking doesn’t cause it to receive focus


I can’t seem to find this option anywhere!! :frowning:

I guarantee it’s there. Can you share a screenshot?

Is it in the conditionals tab?

Oh I see what’s going on - this is regarding jQuery draggable element plugin.

Ugh - I thought this was for the editor. Stupid computers, I just wasted like 2 hours of my life on this. Darnit.

You’re looking at elements on the page in the conditional tab of a group.

What we’ve added is an option on the draggable group. it’s very different.