Prevent duplicates in Option Sets

Bubble allows creating duplicates in an Option sets. Please prevent this from happening.

Isn’t that on the coder? It would be nice to be alerted to duplicates but not to disallow them

Yeah, currently there isn’t any way to manipulate the option sets besides manually adding/modifying them through the editor, which I believe implies Bubble is ‘hands off’ in the creation/modification of them.

What would be great is to get more dynamic creation/modification abilities. Upload through CSV, workflows to manipulate them etc. Only then would I believe it possible to implement a feature to restrict duplicates.

I bought a template that had duplicates. Part of the beauty of no code platforms is that they can prevent “no coders” from making most simple mistakes. There is no good reason for a duplicate in an option set.

I am hoping Bubble has some hooks under the hood that would allow a plugin developer to build better tools to handle option sets. I am really surprised Bubble has not already made this a top priority to enhance performace of Bubble.