Preventing Duplicate Entries when User adds new contacts

I’ve done a forum search and can’t find a good solution here. How would I go about setting up a filter to prevent a user from uploading and adding a contact to their database when that contact is already in the database? In testing I can see there are duplicate entries in my database so I am trying to come up with a solution to prevent the duplicate contact record from being created. The key data field I would want to use to check for duplicates is phone number.

I am primarily using a CSV and API endpoint for adding new contacts.

Thank you!


Hi @anon20158934

On the action that creates a new contact, you can add a Only when condition. In that condition you do a search to see if this contact already exists.

Here is a sample using your desire to check for dupes on phone number:


@mebeingken this is great, thank you!

Hey , Can share how exactly you have managed to Upload the data into a Type using which API , I presume the user will have an option to select a file and on click of a button the same will get loaded into a table , Further I understand that we can prevent duplicates by the above method , but how can you prevent a duplicate which based on two columns example Project-id + TaskName there could be TaskName which is common across projects so unique is a combination or Name+Dateof Birth