[SOLVED] I'm so close, but... need help on filtering repeating group

I have a Repeating Group of contacts that is being populated with an external API. I can save this data to my Type (table) of Contacts. Yeah!

However, I want to prevent the workflow from creating a new contact if it already exists. I’ve tried many approaches, with my latest failed attempt of filtering the Repeating Group like this screen shot.

Anyone know how I can check if the Current List Field already exists? (in my example, I have an ID field that is the same in both the API and my Contact Type table.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated,

Have a look at an advanced filter (it is at the bottom of the list).

You can probably do it so can say “search for testusers testid” doesn’t contain This Id.

@NigelG thanks for the suggestion. For some reason, this advanced filter didn’t seem to work on the repeating group as a filter. The records continued to load. But, your suggestion did help me get to a final resolution. I moved back over to the API Endpoint workflow and added this advanced filter there. Now, success! :grinning:

Here’s a screen shot of what the resolution looked like in case this helps others.