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Preview mode not working after setting up a domain

Since setting up my domain using cloudflare I haven’t been able to use preview mode on the editor. Regardless of what page I would like to preview, it keeps taking me back to the index page. Any advice on how to resolve this?

In addition, this is the error I’m getting now. I’m assuming it’s connected to why I’m having an issue with previewing pages. I’ve double check the values to make sure and they are correct so I’m not sure why I’m getting this prompt.

Hey there @abbashaiderr,

Are you using Cloudflare Proxy? Like proxying the Bubble A records?

Yes - I had originally purchased the domain through but was having issues with the DNS so I used Clouflare as the proxy based on advice in the forums.

Do you see an orange cloud next to your record? If so, just turn it off.

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Amazing, that did the trick. Thank you once again!

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