Page not loading with edits after deployment

Has anyone ran into an issue where you edit app in editor and click preview you can see the new edits but when you go directly to the site (after deployment) the edits are not there?

How do I fix that?

Hi there, @tiffanipwhite12… what is usually going on in a situation like the one you described is that your live database does not have the same data as the development database because deploying to live does not copy data from development to live.

If you think the issue is related to what I described above, click the red Copy and restore data link on the App data tab, and you will see the option to copy data from development to live.

Hope this helps.


It says successful but the live data is still different from development. Is there processing time or is there something else I should try?

If the copy completed successfully, the data should be there. Consider sharing some screenshots so we can see what you are seeing or contact Bubble support to see if they can help.

They haven’t responded.