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Previewing when two collaborators viewing app editor

Ok, thank you very much for the explanation!
This sounds like a regular Bubble development flow to me :slight_smile:

I was hoping you guys have cracked the code and found a way to work on the same application simultaneously by multiple users (3+ at least) without stepping at each others toes all the time :slight_smile:

Not sure I understand, but it is exactly that, we are working all together (4+) on the same app simultaneously.
We just not working on the same Workflow :wink:

Ok :slight_smile: thank you!

Hi Team,

We are facing the issue of previewing the App while two collaborators are working together on Bubble, I could see lot of other bubble users are also facing the same issue through this thread. Do we have a solution for the same now?

We are two collaborators working on two different pages with different workflows but when one person is previewing the app in version-test while the other is working, we are seeing an message in the top bar requesting for a page refresh. Once this message appears, the buttons are getting unresponsive and difficult to test.

Can someone suggest a fix for the same? This hinders the progress rapidly, since we are not able to work together.

Thanks in Advance


Same problem. Did you finally solved it?

Hi @automation,

Yes this can now be avoided by using different versions in Bubble, I am not sure if versioning is available on smaller plans, but the production plan allow it and we have created multiple version which can be used by different people.

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