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PriceWell is a plug-in to build faster Stripe Subscriptions for your bubble app.

Let’s set webhooks on fire! :fire::fire:
PriceWell - Billing Made Simple makes adding Stripe payments to a Bubble app 10x faster by eliminating the webhook setup!

Use Cases

  • Create dynamic pricing pages based on your Stripe products
  • Allow users to instantly connect to your billing system even with just their email
  • Craft the easiest way for your users to download their invoices right from your app
  • Store Stripe data to your database
  • Let users self-manage their subscriptions - update CC, upgrade/ downgrade/ cancel plans
  • Effortlessly A/B test different pricing points to hit the sweet spot

:page_with_curl: Documentation
:movie_camera:Tutorial Video
:closed_book:PriceWell Docs

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