PriceWell Plugin for Stripe Billing

PriceWell - The complete Stripe solution

The PriceWell plugin has everything you need to make a complete subscription-based application.

  • Pricing Table component (using Stripe Checkout)
  • Customer Portal component
  • Stripe data sync (no more configuring webhooks)

Pricing Tables

Configure your Pricing Table in PriceWell (no subscription required). Drop the component into your Bubble app and you can change pricing at any time without reconfiguring your Bubble app.

Completely custom design, make it look like the rest of your app.

Customer Portal (Paid Subscription Require)
Let your customers manage their own subscription. Just drop the Customer Portal into your app and tell it your customer’s email address.

Stripe Data Sync (Paid Subscription Require)

No more setting up backend workflows! Just create an API key and paste it in PriceWell. You Stripe customer data will be automatically synced to your Bubble app.

You can even sync multiple Bubble apps (with the same Stripe account) from one account.

Check out the Full Step By Step Guide

Comments and feedback welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great plugin!
I have questions about responsive design.

Is there a good layout setting that shows the entire contents of the table on both desktop and mobile, especially when there is another element at the bottom of the table?

Or , in the above case, is it better to place two table elements, one for desktop and one for mobile, and display them by conditional settings?


The table is designed to be responsive. To prevent the plans shifting to two lines on a smaller screen, you can enable “Responsive Mode: Fixed Height” within PriceWell (Pricing Pages → Design).

I hope this answers your question?