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Pricing Question - Professional Plan

Hey, i want to upgrade to professional plan for multible reasons.

I have one question upfront. Is it possible to work with the 2 Application editors simultaneously on one page or do you always have to work with Multiple dev. versions?

Is there a “mouse view” like we have in figma or how do the syncs of other people working on the same page work? What happens if two people work on the same element or workflow?

Also is it possible to get a server location in Europe/frankfurt?


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Hey buero,

We have been on the Professional plan for a while.
From what I’ve seen, working with 2 people on the same page isn’t really optimized, you have an indicator in the editor that says that someone is there and on which page he/she is but I don’t think you see the changes live so I wouldn’t recommend being 2 working on it at the same time. Having 2 people working on different pages would definitely work.

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The only way to specify where your app is hosted is to be on a dedicated plan. Last time I checked, the starting price was over $2000USD per month to get on a dedicated plan.

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