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Pricing tiers needed to scale smaller teams

Team Bubble,
How hard would it be for you to add another pricing tier? It seems like an easy way to make more money for you and your investors and help grow and scale the customer base and team?

3 Server
2 App editors
2 Dev versions

10 Server
15 App editors
30 Dev versions

What about:
Professional level 2
5 Server
7 App editors
15 Dev versions

I know I keep asking but I cannot be the only one.


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Hey @craig3 :wave:

Thanks for the post and your feedback! Always interesting to hear what specifically users would prefer to see included or not included in certain plans!

I’d highly recommend sharing this on our ideaboard if you haven’t already. Our team checks the board often when prioritizing new projects in Bubble and it also gives other users a chance to vote on your idea!

And of course, you’re always welcome to reach out directly at [email protected]