Printing alternative field from database

Hi all, brand new to bubble and having difficulty achieving an outcome,

I have a data field called Disciplines

Within that I have 2 fields (columns) , 1 called Discipline Name and 1 called Discipline Number

I also have another data type called Service Groups.

Within that there is a discipline number field.

I then have a form to submit on the front end where one of the questions is a dropdown containing a list of Discipline Names

What I would like to do if possible is when the form is submitted it creates a new thing in the Service Group table and populates the corresponding discipline number field based on the discipline NAME that was selected in the dropdown

(Essentially you are telling it to look at the selected dropdown and print the number from the next column on the same row)

Can we achieve this in bubble? Is there a workaround to get this outcome?

Thanks very much for your help