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Privacy Access to Data

Hi the Bubble Team,

You are making incredible updates and i am really confident that bubble will be more and more robust and scalable.

The main concern i have is about data privacy management. The only way you offer to secure a data is to have a user directly linked to those thing.

Do you plan to improve that process and allow us to secure data in a more advanced way ? It’s now mainly this point that force us sometimes to use other backend solutions.

And as you know it can quickly become a mess to manage.

Can you tell me if it’s on the roadmap or not ? Or for the community if someone else need a feature improvment on this topic ?

Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Eric.

I assume you’re referring to Privacy Rules? You can limit many things indirectly too, e.g. If a Thing’s related Thing’s owner is Current User. I know you can’t limit the “find in searches” in this way, but you can set no fields to visible for all but the specified user.

Sorry if that’s not relevant to your question, but just thought it might help.


Hey appedge,
Let’s say i have posts, belong to spaces, spaces belong to organisations or users. Could as well have comments belong to a post. Usually i work with jonction tables : spaces_members, organisation_members … this way i don’t have to update potentially hundreds of things when a new user join an organisation or a space. And i don’t have to manage potentially so long lists on item fields.
The perfect feature could be some preconditions workflows on the privacy rules tab.