Paid gig - Help with optimizing my AI Site ready for launch!

Fixed budget: $500

Hello community,

I recently purchased an almost ready to launch Ai SaaS template in Bubble and would like to get my AI site up and running. The template need some small design tweaking and configuration. While I have a good understanding of marketing, I could use some support in getting the technical aspects of the site fully functional.

I’m looking for an experience bubbler that can help with optimizing my AI Site ready for launch.

  1. Adding copy to landing page design
    The current template has Loremipsum text that needs to be replaced with selling and seo friendly copy (will be provided)

  2. Setting up Stripe Connect (Partially done)
    Need help to dubblecheck that everything is connected properly

  3. Privacy Policy and Terms
    To ensure legal compliance and build trust with my customers, I need assistance in creating and implementing a privacy policy and terms of service for my website.

  4. FAQ Section
    I believe that having a well-structured FAQ section is essential for providing valuable information to my customers. I would like your help in setting up an FAQ section that is user-friendly and informative.

  5. Login Panel for Customers
    I want to ensure that NO DEMO options are displayed, as I want to present a professional image from the start.

  6. Customer Reviews Section
    In order to build trust and credibility, I would like to add a customer reviews section to my AI site. This will allow my customers to share their experiences and feedback, which can be a powerful marketing tool.

I will provide:
-Any necessary information required

Let me know if you are interested and looking forward for our collaboration :handshake:

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@DoubleV I just sent you a DM. :slight_smile:

Hello @DoubleV

I can assist you with your requirement.
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