Privacy rules and user logges

Hello everyone.

Could someone possibly enlighten me about privacy rules ?

Each of my users has a type (Administrator, Consumer, Client).

In the privacy rule, if I put :
When Current user Type is Administrator”, is that sufficient?
Or do I also need to add “And Current user is logged in” ?

Because in itself, if the current user is not logged in, de facto we cannot know their User type.

Privacy rules are additive. Suppose two privacy rules:

Current user’s logged in gives access to A

Current user’s role is Admin gives access to B

If current user is logged in but not admin, they can only see A.

If current user is logged in and admin, they get A + B.

If Current user’s role is Admin but Current user is not logged in (for the sake of explanation) they get B.

Thank you for your help :wink: