Privacy rules to modify field subject to auto-binding, when running app in preview mode

Hi! I have the following issue: I’m using auto-binding, which requires a privacy rule; such as the user being logged in. However, there is no log in function in my app, as it is just a small app I’m building to learn Bubble, and so when I launch it in the preview and try changing the field subject to auto-binding, the system tells me I don’t have the privacy rights.

I’m thinking of 2 ways around this:

  1. Setting up a privacy rule that allows anyone to modify that data
  2. Launching the app in preview as the admin user.

However, I don’t know how to go about either option. Any help appreciated, thank you very much I wish you a nice day.


Hi there, @martinlenweiter… if I understand your post correctly, have you tried checking the Allow auto-binding checkbox in the Everyone else (default permissions) section of the privacy rule you created?


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ohhhh I should have looked more carefully. I was only looking at the upper panel, where you set up a privacy rule for specific users; I didn’t see the “everyone else” panel. Thanks for the quick reply!!

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