Problem charging a user on stripe

Hi guys, good day!

I have been stuck with a problem regarding payment in Stripe.
I am sketching some functionalities of a Marketplace and now I’m trying to transfer the money from the current user logged in the platform to the user that created certain product on the marketplace, but I am not being successful. The money manages to go out from the user stripe account/credit card, but never reaches the product owner. What can I do?
That’s the workflow I did:

Here is the project I am working on:

Thank you all in advance!

Hi @pedromarcoms :wave:
Just a shot in the dark
Does your product owner also have an account on stripe…
if not then they need to create it…

I did use the stripe plugin long back but now i switch to API’s
This was one of my screenshot from my past work

They have a stripe account :frowning:

I can’t say why its not working exactly
But if you gone through the docs you might figure it out

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I will have a look, thank you!

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