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Problem Database Setup

Hey hey,
I’m just new to and right now I’m trying to understand how to structure datatypes, etc.

Actually I’ve got a problem and can’t see any way how to solve it…

What I want to do:

1.) In a first step a location should be entered in the input field (left)
2.) A location can have multiple departments so … in the dropdown I want to select the location from step 1 and add a department.

The result should for example be something like this:

  • Munich
    • HR
  • London
    • HR
    • Finance
  • New York
    • Sales

Here is my Data Structure: My idea to this is that a location can only be there once and get’s stored into Location Data Type but also in the Department Data Type because there I will add the departments to the locations.

Perhaps someone of you can give me a hint… would be great.


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